Pick of the pops, December 2015

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Liliane Saint Pierre: Quand ce jour-là

First up this month is Belgian babe Liliane Saint Pierre with the terrific Quand ce jour-là, from the pens of Pierre Saka, Jean Bernard and singing superstar Claude François. François had spotted Liliane at a song festival and saw great potential in her. He whisked her away from her homeland and gave her a new look and sound and then relaunched her. This track is taken from the first EP to be issued under his tutelage. The release led with Je suis une fille toute seule, but we think this is infinitely superior.  


Rita Pavone: Il treno

Italy’s Rita Pavone takes her over a minute to come in on this funky track taken from her 1965 album Stasera Rita. The lyrics were written by Mogol, but the music had been written by Paul Stookey and Peter Yarrow, two thirds of Peter, Paul and Mary. We assume this is a cover of one of the folk trio’s songs but we can’t quite bring ourselves to go through their back catalogue to work it out. If you know, please tell us via the comment box below.


Adrienne Poster: Backstreet girl

Here is Brit girl Adrienne Poster having a go at the Jackie De Shannon and Sharon Sheeley-penned Backstreet girl. Perhaps surprisingly, the song was consigned to the B-side of The wind that blows, Adrienne’s third 45. After another couple of singles, she decided to focus her efforts on her actin career – and enjoyed much greater success. Roles in classic films of the era such as Here we go round the mulberry bush, To sir with love and Up the junction has ensured her a lasting popularity.


Szusza Koncz: Színes ceruzák

Zsuzsa Koncz was one of Hungary’s big three female singers of the 1960s. Our pick is her entry into the 1968 Táncdalfesztivál, the rousing Színes ceruzák, performed with the group Illés, which earned her joint second place. She had hit the big time a couple of years earlier with the excellent Rohan az idő. In the 1970s, however, Zsuzsa fell foul of the government and found her records banned due to their political content. If you like the sound of our pick and fancy finding out more about Szusza and her countrywomen, check out our Hungarian girls special.


Jacob Sisters: Tut mir Leid Jonny Boy

It turns out you don’t have to be from Detroit to write a great Motown-styled number. Here, prolific German songwriters Günter Loose and Werner Scharfenberger come up with a track that The Supremes could easily have recorded. Instead, it was given to another girl group, the Jacob Sisters – also known as Die Geschwister Jacob. Appropriately, it was issued as the flip of the sisters’ take on Stop! In the name of love, which became Was hab’ ich dir getan. This appeal to a younger audience worked for the group, and the single became their biggest chart hit, reaching number 32 in 1965.


Samantha Juste: If trees could talk

From the title of this track, you could be forgiven for thinking that songwriter Pierre Tubbs was tripping when he penned If trees could talk. When you listen to it, however, you realise it’s rather a sweet little number about lovers carving their initials on trees. Mancunian former model Samantha Juste was familiar to viewers of TV’s Top of the pops for placing records on the turntable each week for the guest artists to mime to (incredible now, we know). Sam also got to mime to her own No one needs my love today, the A-side of this song, in November 1966, though her appearance didn’t give the record the fillip bosses at the Go record label had hoped for.

0 Bar small Hear Liliane Saint Pierre: Quand ce jour-là Hear Rita Pavone: Il treno Hear Adrienne Poster: Backstreet girl Hear Szusza Koncz: Színes ceruzák Hear Jacob Sisters: Tut mir Leid Jonny Boy

Our pick of the pops

Liliane Saint Pierre

Quand ce jour-là

Rita Pavone

Il treno

Adrienne Poster

Backstreet girl

Szusza Koncz

Színes ceruzák

Jacob Sisters

Tut mir Leid Jonny Boy

Hear Samantha Juste: If trees could talk

Samantha Juste

If trees could talk

Liliane Saint Pierre: Je suis une fille toute seule Rita Pavone: Stasera Rita LP Adrienne Poster: Backstreet girl Jacob Sisters: Was hab' ich dir getan Szusza Koncz: Színes ceruzák Samantha Juste: No one needs my love today 0 Bar small

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