Jenny and the Rascals

Dutch beat group Jenny and the Rascals – led by teenager Jenny Streur – issued just two singles in the mid-1960s but have enjoyed a lasting popularity among fans of Dutch girl pop, thanks largely to their 1966 single You told me a lie.


The group came from The Hague.


Jenny had been encouraged in her musical ambitions by her parents who had been members of a local mouth organ trio known as The Reilly’s. As a child, Jenny even stood in for the third member of the group when he was ill. Perhaps more usefully, she also learned to play the guitar.


Several years later, she sang with her sister Joke as part of the pre-teen duo The Cocktail Sisters and released several records, including Alleen op de wereld in 1960 and De leuke boy a year later.


However, in 1965, at the age of 15, Jenny decided she wanted to form another group, this time with a beat sound, more in keeping with her favourite group of the time, Them. She advertised for lead and bass guitarists and a drummer. Ton van de Neut, Aad Plumiert and, ultimately, Ruddy Fisscher filled the roles respectively, while Jenny sang and played guitar.


Her father became the group’s manager but because of a dispute with local club owner and music impresario Jacques Senf, the band tended to play dates throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany rather than in The Hague. Known as Jenny and the Rascals, they also played support for the Troggs.


Within a year of forming, they had won a recording contract with the Artone label and released their first single, the garage gem You told me a lie, which Jenny had helped to write. (The B-side was Goodbye my love, goodbye my happiness.)


Such was the reputation that the band gained that Jenny was approached by Beatles manager Brian Epstein to become a member of a girl group in Britain, but she turned down his offer.


Instead, the group released a second single, That’s a man’s way, in 1967, with Baby you know you ain't right on the B-side. (Humphrey Versteegh provided the bass on this 45.)


However, in 1968, when one of the group became romantically involved with Jenny’s sister, he decided to stop touring, which led to the group’s demise.



With thanks to Frank Dam and Celestina Merkus for additional information.

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You told me a lie


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Hear Jenny and the Rascals Goodbye my love, goodbye my happiness

Goodbye my love, goodbye my happiness


Jenny and the Rascals: That's a man's way Jenny and the Rascals: You told me a lie Jenny and the Rascals: You told me a lie