Marika Kilius

Olympic medal winner Marika Kilius was the darling of the ice-skating world when she was offered a recording contract in 1964. 


She was born on in 24 March 1943 in Frankfurt am Main and began skating on the international circuit in 1956. In 1959 she was voted Sportswoman of the Year in Germany.


Five years later, while still continuing to skate – she won a silver medal at the Olympics that year – she was offered a recording contract. Her debut single, Wenn die Cowboys träumen, shot to number two in the charts and spent four months in the top ten.


Such was her popularity that even when rumours began circulating that the voice on her records was not hers but that of a session singer, sales were not affected. (In fact, the heavy use of backing vocals had helped disguise her voice.)


She was teamed with her skating partner Hans-Jürgen Bäumler for the equally successful follow up, Honeymoon in St Tropez.


However, further lightweight solo singles failed to maintain the momentum.


Sadly, even a stab at a more contemporary sound, with the 1965 beat-inspired single Erst kam ein verliebter Blick, could not counter the perception that she offered little more than novelty value to the music industry.

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