Nita Rossi

British teen singer Nita Rossi released just four singles – including the great Untrue unfaithful and the northern soul stomper Something to give – before slipping into obscurity.


Nita Rossi was born in 1948 in Bournemouth, on England’s south coast. Her father owned the Continental Café at the town’s Lansdowne Hotel. Her grandparents on her father’s side hailed from Italy.


As a teenager, she took part in local singing competitions and sang with bands at hotel gigs.


In 1965, she sent a tape to Tom Jones’s manager, Gordon Mills, and he invited her for an audition.


He wasted little time in signing her up and she duly joined the Piccadilly label in 1965.


Her first single was the excellent Untrue unfaithful, released in September that year, in which she berates herself for falling for the wrong kind of boy. The song was penned by Gordon Mills, Tom Jones’s manager. Its B-side was the pleasant Every little day now, which came complete with an organ-tastic bridge.


The follow up, released in April 1966, was the Schlager-styled Here I go again, another Mills composition. Perhaps it should have been flipped in favour of its B-side, the pounding Something to give, which ultimately proved the more popular side, becoming a northern soul favourite in later years.


She also cut a couple of records in Italian, Non si sa mai and Una vita di più, on the Philips label


Back at home, for her third single, Nita opted for the novelty tune The daddy Christmas song.


Misty blue, a cover of a country and western song by Wilma Burgess, became her final release in June 1967. (The B-side was Come around, which again found Mills on songwriting duties.) When this single, like its predecessors, failed, her contract was not renewed.


She ended up moving to Piacenza in northern Italy, where she would remain. In recent years, she has been pleasantly surprised to find her old records in demand.


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