The Young Sisters

Dutch duo the Young Sisters were best known for their covers of international hits but their finest moment came with the single Give him my love. Sadly, the song led to the end of their recording contract.


The duo were sisters Willy and Nelly de Jong. They were discovered singing at an Indonesian night in their home town of Breda and were taken under the wing of manager Jackie Bulterman. He arranged a contract for the duo with the Philips label, who renamed them the Young Sisters.


Their first single, Johnny, komm weer hier, was a cover of the 1961 British Eurovision song contest entry, the Allisons’ decidedly cheery Are you sure? It became a hit for the sisters.


Similarly lightweight covers of British and American songs followed, including Scheepje op de golven later that year, Eenzam in de mist in 1962 and Nummer 97608 in 1964.


In 1966 they were offered Give him my love, an original track written by British folk singer Donovan. The song was completely at odds with their previous recordings and the public struggled to accept the change of style. Issued as a single that year, it died upon release.


So fond were the duo of the song and their new style that when Philips proposed a return to the lighter fare of their previous releases with the song Ik wacht op de zomer, the girls threw in the towel.


They continued to perform for a while, and in the 1970s appeared with Boy Bradman’s Big Band. In 1981, they reunited for an Indonesian rock ‘n’ roll revival night in The Hague.

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